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Joint research

Cybercampus Sverige identifies, executes, and coordinate scross-university research on topics important for Swedish civil and military cyber defence as well as industrial competitiveness.

Swedish cyber security research is competitive, with strong research groups in universities and research institutes. A few research topics are dominant, whereas other highly important research areas are missing. Ongoing cybersecurity research is neither well-coordinated nor interdisciplinary. This is where Cybercampus Sverige comes intp place.

National research infrastructure

Cybercampus Sverige aims to establish a unique national research infrastructure for cybersecurity. The national infrastructure will also provide synergies with existing research and innovation facilities.

International visibility

Cybercampus Sverige aims at boosting international visibility for Swedish researchers and innovators. The momentum provided by joint research, the availability of cybersecurity research infrastructure, and stronger national and international funding will allow Swedish cybersecurity to prosper. This, in turn, will attract international cyber experts to Sweden, further strengthening the Swedish cybersecurity ecosystem.