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Emre Hacking Lab

Demonstrating the dangers of phishing

A government entity visited Cybercampus Sverige Hacking Lab. Demonstrating the dangers of phishing through attacking a smartphone allowed full access.

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Cybercampus Sverige at SOFF

Cybercampus Sverige at Cyber ​​Defence Day

Cybercampus Sverige’s Director David Olgart participated in a panel discussion on securing cybersecurity competence at the Cyber ​​Defence Day conference.

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Cybercampus Sverige inaugurated

On 7 February, Cybercampus Sverige was formally launched at a ceremony at the new headquarters in Stockholm, with Minister for Civil Defence Carl-Oskar Bohlin and Minister for Education Mats Persson i...

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Hand on keyboard in front of computer screen
With a shortage of hundreds of thousands of cybersecurity experts in Europe, Cybercampus Sweden aims to educate the public on basic digital security issues. The aim is to strengthen society's resilience against cyber attacks.

Cybercampus Sweden aims to secure digital systems

Sweden is exposed to an increasing number of cyberattacks. The new Cybercampus Sweden initiative aims to strengthen the country's resilience by protecting society's vulnerable digital systems. "Par...

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