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Cybercampus Sverige is a Swedish national initiative that carries out agile and cutting-edge cybersecurity and cyber defence research, innovation and education beyond what is possible for an individual university, institute, agency, or company. 

Cybercampus initiativ

The initiative Cybercampus Sverige has been funded by the programme Avancerad Digitalisering. Avancerad Digitalisering is a collaboration between industry (ABB, Ericsson, Saab and Teknikföretagen) and the government (Vinnova, Sweden's innovation agency).

The planning for Cybercampus Sverige was carried out by representatives from KTH, RISE, the Swedish Armed Forces, Karlstad University, MSB, Ericsson and Saab, along with valuable input from workshop participants from organisations across Sweden. In September 2023, a director was appointed to manage the interim centre that hosts Cybercampus Sverige at KTH in Stockholm. The permanent structure of Cybercampus Sverige will be decided before the end of June 2025.

Cybercampus Sverige is funded by the Swedish government. Our partners organise contributions and calls.

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