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Cybercampus Sverige invigs

Publicerad 2024-04-16

Den 7 februari lanserades Cybercampus Sverige formellt vid en ceremoni på det nya huvudkontoret i Stockholm med civilminister Carl-Oskar Bohlin och utbildningsminister Mats Persson närvarande.

The inauguration featured a full-day program focused on Cybercampus Sverige’s mission to contribute to a safer and digitally resilient future for Sweden. The day began with a ceremony that included presentations and speeches by, among others, the Director of Cybercampus Sverige, David Olgart, KTH President Anders Söderholm, Minister for Civil Defence Carl-Oskar Bohlin and Minister for Education Mats Persson. These were followed by panel discussions addressing the cybersecurity workforce gap and the high expectations for Cybercampus Sverige from partners in academia, government agencies, and the industry. After the ceremony, the 180 guests were invited to network with cybersecurity colleagues while visiting the exhibition on cybersecurity education in Sweden and attending workshops on research and education.

The Swedish government’s investment in Cybercampus Sverige - and its subsequent establishment - would not have been possible without the valuable contributions from Vinnova via Teknikföretagen’s Advanced Digitalisation program and all the experts and organisations involved in the planning project and workshops.

“We can now apply the results developed from the planning work, which has been crucial in addressing all the wise views expressed in workshops and meetings with stakeholders from all over Sweden," says David Olgart, director of Cybercampus Sverige.

A big thank you to everyone who attended!